The story of the Domain


In 14th century, the papal community lived in the city of Avignon where it had conquered to build, during, 200 years a colossal palace there.

Pope Clément V reigned over an immense Provençal territory, with a particular attention for his vineyards of which the most famous being Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

The Italian guard "Carabinièri" watched the limits of the region, and made pay the appropriate prescribed on the goods in the passages.

The village of Roquemaure was, at the time, the summery residence of the pope, because facing west of the river "The Rhône", this windy place by the "Mistral", was restful.

In 5 km of the village, on illsides planted in vine, in the crossing of Avignon - Bagnols sur Cèze and Orange - Nîmes, the Domaine des Carabiniers arose from a rich history full of anecdotes: this place of surveillance and control, occupied by the police-customs officers on horseback, then dropped following the departure from the popes on Rome, became in time, an inn which can welcome harnesses in number thanks to important stables. This place will be transformed into hunting party to reach the forest of quite close Clary and always protected.

In 1920, my forefathers possessing vineyards around this historically chivalrous place, developed their cellar in the old walls of the stable. The Domaine des Carabiniers had been born around our emblem "the horse". A production of quality wine joins from this time with small productions on soils of sand and rolled pebbles.

The Grape Varieties Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan and Cinsault get married in delicacy on flavors of red berries with the powerful and long character in mouth.

This heritage is exploited, for a very long time, in organic culture, to preserve its natural assets essential to the production of Grand Crus.