Lirac - Red

Lirac Rouge Domaine des CarabiniersBiodynamic Wine

Heady, powerful, warm and fiery, this wine is a deep ruby red in colour. Its bouquet is marked by a wonderful combination of raspberries, spices, slightly smoked liquorice, truffles and the typical fragrances of the garrigue.

Vintage : 2014.

Soil : The original site of the LIRAC appellation ; Pliocene sand and pebbles provide quiet setting for the 15 hectares (37 acres) of land devoted to producing this great red wine. The vines really thrive here, their roots plunging deep into the soil to seek the anthocyan and tannin that will nourish the grapes and give the wine the necessary structure to develop its “smoked” liquorice and tobacco notes.

Grape varieties : Grenache 50% - Mourvèdre 25% - Syrah 25%.
Average vines age - 35 years.

Vinification : The harvest is brought in by night to prevent oxidation and avoid the use of large quantities of SO2. The natural yeasts are used for high-temperature fermenting at 32°C (90°F), followed by a long period of maceration under the pomace, which may last up to 2 weeks in order to stimulate the extraction of anthocyan and delicate tannins.

Wine and food : cooked pork meats, game, meat sauce, cheese...

To keep the wine : Until 8 years for best vintage.

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